Misdevelopments & patent infringements

In order to be able to constantly update the snapshot of your patent search, you need seamless patent monitoring. This avoids expensive patent infringements and costly duplicate developments.

  • Automatic alerts
  • Monitor global markets
  • Maximum efficiency
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Spark your own innovations

Our patent monitoring supports you in your innovations by specifically uncovering patent gaps. Observing your competitors provides you with important inspiration for your own developments.

  • Development trends analysis
  • Idea generation


Protection of your own patents

By monitoring new patent applications, patent infringements of your own property rights are recognized immediately. Take a defensive strategy by gathering knowledge. Opposition or licensing is therefore a snap with your intellectual capital.

  • take action
  • Strategic monitoring

Always up to date

Our sophisticated setting options lead to targeted patent monitoring, such as automatic recognition of the current legal status.

  • intelligent sorting
  • Filters and alerts
  • current status within a click


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Infoapps offers 2 solutions:


Always adapted to your needs! Whether in-house solution with infoPatent or the all-in-one solution CLEVERpat.

Full text data

  • 180 million patent documents
  • Worldwide full text coverage & translations
  • Quality and quantity of search results
  • Fast and easy

Patent work

  • Visual language - Intelligent, intuitive
  • No duplicate viewings
  • User-friendly structured results
  • Linking innovation & prior art


  • Evaluate by user role
  • Ease of use
  • Instinctive & collective project work
  • Increase information quality
  • No training required
  • Private cloud
  • Visual language
  • Non-patent literature
  • Time saving
  • Dashboard

Full text data

  • 180 million patent documents
  • Search only relevant patent data
  • Quality and quantity of search results
  • Mass data capable


  • Save time with family-based hit lists
  • Customized technology directories
  • Easy classification of patents
  • Clear and customizable presentation


  • Structured & transparent process
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Automatic legal status monitoring
  • Edit the family structure
  • In-house system
  • Edit function
  • Workflow
  • Reminder
  • Technology tree
  • Knowledge archive

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